Psi Sigma Siren

The Psi Sigma chapter of Phi Alpha Theta and the University of Nevada Las Vegas is proud to publish a variety of work done by our members. We accept submissions from UNLV students, faculty, and alumni.

For several years, our chapter has collected noteworthy undergraduate and graduate papers written by UNLV’s history students and published them in our online journal. This year we issued our first special edition of the journal, publishing several papers that were presented at the Southwest Regional Conference, many of them written by students from other Phi Alpha Theta chapters. Over the years the style of the journal has developed from a collection of papers presented individually to a professional journal format. Marie Rowley created the the Psi Sigma Siren in 2011 and we are proud to present papers in this new, comprehensive style.

NOTE: For the ‘PAT Journal’ editions listed below, viewers will be directed to the UNLV ‘club’ site for Phi Alpha Theta until those editions have been combined into a more appropriate style for presentation on this website.

Psi Sigma Siren Spring 2012
Psi Sigma Siren Fall 2011

Psi Sigma Siren-Spring 2011
PAT Journal 2008
PAT Journal 2007
PAT Journal 2006
PAT Journal 2005
PAT Journal 2004
PAT Journal 2003


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